Misozi Kopakaki bag angled
Misozi Kopakaki bag angled
Misozi Kopakaki bag front + back
Misozi Kopakaki bag on barley
Misozi Kopkaki bag front

Misozi Kopakaki

Sourced from the Karongi District in the western province of Rwanda, the Rwanda Misozi Kopakaki is a bourbon varietal that has a distinct peach flavor and raisin-like aroma that makes it such a delight to savor. Planted around Lake Kivu, one of the African great lakes, the Kopakaki cherries are grown on nutrient-rich volcanic soil which perfect for the cultivation of coffee. Moreover, pure spring water that runs down from the surrounding mountains is used in its processing at the coffee washing station at the area. The Kopakaki is fermented through wet processing, and then are sun-dried on raised tables. This Kopakaki plantation is run by the Kopakaki Dutegure, a fair trade certified cooperative that is central to the development of their small but thriving community of farmers.The Kopakaki Dutergure ranked 18th out of 85 in the CoE competition in 2010.

Grind Type:
Light Roast
Tasting Notes:
Peach, Lime, Black Tea
Bourbon & Typica
Harvest Period:
March - July
Fully Washed